Marvin Sandnes Oregon US House Dist. 5

Citizenship is a Responsibility, not an Option

Sannes changed to Sandnes


I put the ‘d’ back in the name last summer.  In 95 I visited the Sandnes farm in Snausa, Norge and learned my grandfather, Erick, had the ‘d’ removed at Ellis Isl. when he came here as an 18 yr. old in 1898.  He spoke no English and was very glad to have a new American name.

I have ancestors in the Churchyard in Snausa from the 16th century.

My grandmother, Bertine, came a yr. earlier – she emigrated because, as the daughter of “Ole the Swede Lap”, she was 1/4 Laplander and could not teach, or work in medicine, or govt., etc.  – the Laplanders were Norway’s African-Americans. 

She got a section of land in N. Dakota, spend the 1st winter in a sod hut some neighbors helped her build, returned to NY in the spring to get Erick.  My grandfather was the 1st born and would have inherited the very good family farm in Snausa, he gave up his prince’s inheritance to follow his love.

What a woman!  She came here at 19.  

Single Payer Health

What is single payer?

Single-payer national health insurance is a system in which a single public or quasi-public agency organizes health financing, but delivery of care remains largely private. Under a single-payer system, all Americans would be covered for all medically necessary services, including: doctor, hospital, preventive, long-term care, mental health, reproductive health care, dental, vision, prescription drug and medical supply costs. Patients would regain free choice of doctor and hospital, and doctors would regain autonomy over patient care.

Is national health insurance ‘socialized medicine’?

No. Socialized medicine is a system in which doctors and hospitals work for and draw salaries from the government. Doctors in the Veterans Administration and the Armed Services are paid this way. The health systems in Great Britain and Spain are other examples. But in most European countries, Canada, Australia and Japan they have socialized health insurance, not socialized medicine. The government pays for care that is delivered in the private (mostly not-for-profit) sector. This is similar to how Medicare works in this country. Doctors are in private practice and are paid on a fee-for-service basis from government funds. The government does not own or manage medical practices or hospitals.

The term socialized medicine is often used to conjure up images of government bureaucratic interference in medical care. That does not describe what happens in countries with national health insurance where doctors and patients often have more clinical freedom than in the U.S., where bureaucrats attempt to direct care.

Won’t single payer bankrupt the U.S.?

No, single payer will actually save money by slashing wasteful bureaucracy and adopting proven-effective cost controls like fee schedules, global budgets for hospitals, and negotiating drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. The savings – over $500 billion per year on overhead alone – are more than enough to cover all the uninsured. It turns out that it is much more expensive to keep patients away from health care in our current fragmented, market-based system than to provide care to all under an administratively simple single payer system.

Administrative overhead (also known as “transaction costs”) consumes one-third of current health spending in the U.S., a much higher share than in Canada or other nations. A recent paper on hospital administrative costs found that they consume 25 percent of the budgets of U.S. hospitals, compared to 12 percent in Canada and Scotland. Reducing hospital administrative costs to Canadian levels would save $150 billion a year alone.

Over the long-term, controlling the rise in health inflation saves even more money. Without reform, the U.S. is headed towards spending 20 percent of our GDP on health care within a decade (twice as much as other nations with universal coverage), even as we leave 27 million people uninsured and tens of millions more underinsured.

Addiction to Power and Money

I read “Gold Warriors” by the Sterlings after learning of the Black Eagle Fund and the Hammer Fund in “Black 9/11”.  These  “black-op funds” started with the gold Japan had amassed from 1894/1945, looted from centuries of Chinese and SE Asia hoarding and buried in the Philippines. Started with $245 billion, dug up by the US military and Ferdinand Marcos, and is now over a trillion.

I think the 9/11 attack was the same kind of thing – the trillions looted from the Pentagon and the gold stolen from the WTC sites. The pattern was there, the banks and drug running in place, and now it’s expanded to several trillions of black op money controlled by this cabal of intelligence agencies allied by their addiction to money and power.

I think it’s an institution of greed and addiction – blaming a family or a caste or a country deflects from the real criminal – us.

The checks and balances to control our ugliness has been gone from America since WWII and perhaps since the rise of the corporation 1880’s. How to recover our form of govt..

The founders knew this would come and tried to design a system, it’s broken down and the result is destroying the planet.

3 Questions that won’t come up


Does it seem odd that the Presidential campaign does not mention:

1) Fukushima – still pouring 100,000 gal. of radioactive water into the Pacific every day – the technology to end the disaster does not exist.

2) How a 47 story building’s fall could be sudden, symmetrical, at free fall acceleration, and completely dismembered in 7 seconds – from office fires?

3) The heroin epidemic sweeping America and our presence in Afghanistan where 93% of the planets opium is grown?


I’ve been working for the Sanders campaign since October, buying bumper stickers, making phone calls, talking to Oregonians and FB friends around the world. Tonight Sanders wins in Indiana.

I am certain he will win in Oregon and I think if the Presidential race in the fall is between Sanders and Trump, the Democrats will win the White House in a landslide, both Houses of Congress, and we will be out of the wars within a year.

If the Democrats nominate Clinton, the wars will continue, the Presidential race in the fall will be a toss-up, and the Republicans will retain both Houses of Congress.

Seems like a no-brainer. I wish America’s democratic decisions were based on sense rather than money.

We must reverse “Citizens United”.


I take the position of the fetus: I support my mom’s decision whatever she chooses to do regarding my life.

The 2nd Amendment

The 1st 10 Amendments, The Bill of Rights, are, in my mind, as essential to our government as the Articles of the Constitution.

The 2nd Amendment sets America apart: We insist, by law, that each person is responsible for defense of self, family, community, and the United States. The Bill of Rights is sacred, if anything is sacred. Any alteration to those ten statements of the individual’s protection and responsibility, by law, will put in jeopardy the entire code of law.

Rule-of-law is what has made America free: The Bill of Rights is America and America is the Bill of Rights.

I have 3 grand children and they may have a different opinion during their day. I intend to leave this discussion and any decision of the 2nd Amendment to their generation.

America’s Heroin Epidemic

Opium-Afghanistan-chart– In 2001 a gram of heroin at North Hi cost $400. This morning a gram of heroin at North Hi.
cost $100 or $80 if a regular buyer.

– This graph is from the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime(
As you can see, the single year the Taliban controlled the crop the planting was 8,000 hectares (1 ha = approx 3 ac). The record crop of 2014, 224,000 ha, has a value of approx. $60 billion. Iraq’s oil is worth approx. $100 billion @ $90 a barrel.

– America consumes 60% of the illegal drugs produced on the planet, but if you check the DEA’s website, right now, they will tell you only 4% of America’s heroin comes from “SW Asia”. Hardly credible considering our consumption and the fact that Afghanistan supplies 93% of the world’s supply of opium.

– The media tells us this epidemic is primarily caused by over prescribing opiate pain pills.
The report comes out in early October. The 2015 report showed a 19% reduction in planting. Two weeks later our President announced a re-deployment of 5,000 troops back into Afghanistan and we know where those troops were deployed.

– How much of a stretch is it to connect the price of heroin at North Hi and the level of planting in Afghanistan? Is this connection obvious? Is the epidemic obvious? Why have we not heard of this connection from our MEDIA? Or a SINGLE MEMBER OF OUR CONGRESS? Or our DEA?

– I think the money is so great, the addiction to the money so profound, that our society, our leaders, our press, sacrifice our own children to feed this addiction. Much the same way an addicted mother will leave her child unattended to go out and get her drugs. Will she return when the child needs care or when she secures her drugs?

– This is a crisis and this epidemic of addictive disorder is destroying America.


Our Pentagon funds, talents, and resources must be re-directed toward the devastating consequences of 70 yrs. of military expansion and run-away corporate irresponsibility. We must do this immediately!

” The all out anthropogenic assault against planet Earth continues to decimate the entire web of life. From the ongoing climate engineering insanity to the completely out of control military “exercises” that are killing countless life forms in what is yet left of our once thriving oceans, collapse will come soon on the current course. Global temperatures are skyrocketing and shattering all former records. Deadly heat and record drought in India are wreaking havoc on the population and it is only April, the hottest months of the year are yet to come. Climate engineering is nothing less than weather warfare, and it is playing a massive part in the unfolding climate chaos (though there are countless other contributing anthropogenic factors). Why is such a large percentage of the population so willing to completely ignore the insanity? Because they are in one way or another invested in the very companies helping to create it. The latest installment of Global Alert News is at the link below.

True solace can only exist in facing reality head-on. It can only exist in fully embracing one’s responsibility to the whole, to our children, and to the greater good. We must all stand together and make our voices heard, we can yet alter the outcome of what is unfolding.” – Dane Wigington

Term Limits

– ISIS threat to America is a myth. A “strategy of tension” fostered by agency whose budgets depend on fear. We are the terrorists and are the only people on this planet who do not know it. 39,000 American bombs dropped on sovereign Islamic countries in 2015. Not one Congressperson will confront this ugly truth.

– WTC7 was a controlled demolition.

– Abolish Citizen United. Money has destroyed our process.

– Term limits. Washington, D.C. seems to be a solvent for moral courage. I think those people become addicts quickly: Addicted to Power and Money. Ab Lincoln said: “Most men can withstand considerable adversity in life, in fact, most men do withstand considerable adversity, if you want to test his character, give him Power.”