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Citizenship is a Responsibility, not an Option

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Ehud Barak

What kind of a career move is this:  Barak is Prime Minister of Israel in 2000, calls for a new election and resigns, goes to work for a software company in Texas for some security work 10 months before 9/11.  What?

On the evening of 9/11 Ehud shows up on BBC in London to announce for us the need for this world wide “War on Terror”.  Incidentally, BBC is the largest English language media outlet on the planet, and his pal, Richard Perle is also on the program.  Perle worked for Israel’s government before coming to work for Bush II’s government.

Ex-Prime Minister returns to Israel to be Defense Minister in a few years.

As a younger man and fighter for Sayeret Matkal, Ehud dresses up as a woman in heels, dropped off on the beach by a sub, goes up some stairs of an apartment, kicks in the door and machine guns a 1/2 dozen people.  He got the “enemy” Israel was after and those collateral were unfortunate and Barak returns a hero.


Ranked Choice Voting

I support Benton County’s effort to pass RCV.

This will be a step in the right direction and hopefully we can get in on the ballot for all of Oregon’s elections in 2018.

Special thanks is due Alan Zundel, Pacific Green Party’s Candidate for Sec. of State; his effort got this on the Benton County Ballot for Nov. 8th’s VOTE.

2 min. talk, League of Women Voters

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Sandnes or Sannes

Grandpa Erick could speak no English, Immigration at Ellis Isl. ask how his name was pronounced – “San’ ness” – so the official stuck out the ‘d’ and told him this was his American name – he was quite happy.

Erick had followed my grandmother who had emigrated the yr. before, she went to N. Dakota and homesteaded a section of land – 640 ac., spent the winter in a sod hut her neighbors helped her build and went to NY to get Erick in the spring.

Erick was the 1st born and would have inherited the very good Sandnes Farm in Snausa – he gave it up to follow his love, Bertine, to the new world.

Bertine was the daughter of Ole the Swede Lap and being 1/4 Laplander she was barred from teaching, govt., medicine, etc. The Laps were Norge’s Negro and her blood was tainted. I’ve a pic. of her on my wall – she was a raving Norge Beauty! She came here alone at 19, 1897, wagon to N.D. and became a wheat farmer, and descendants all over western North America.

WTC7 video to Portland City Council

WTC7, 1 min. compilation