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Citizenship is a Responsibility, not an Option

Month: May, 2016

Addiction to Power and Money

I read “Gold Warriors” by the Sterlings after learning of the Black Eagle Fund and the Hammer Fund in “Black 9/11”.¬† These¬† “black-op funds” started with the gold Japan had amassed from 1894/1945, looted from centuries of Chinese and SE Asia hoarding and buried in the Philippines. Started with $245 billion, dug up by the US military and Ferdinand Marcos, and is now over a trillion.

I think the 9/11 attack was the same kind of thing – the trillions looted from the Pentagon and the gold stolen from the WTC sites. The pattern was there, the banks and drug running in place, and now it’s expanded to several trillions of black op money controlled by this cabal of intelligence agencies allied by their addiction to money and power.

I think it’s an institution of greed and addiction – blaming a family or a caste or a country deflects from the real criminal – us.

The checks and balances to control our ugliness has been gone from America since WWII and perhaps since the rise of the corporation 1880’s. How to recover our form of govt..

The founders knew this would come and tried to design a system, it’s broken down and the result is destroying the planet.

3 Questions that won’t come up


Does it seem odd that the Presidential campaign does not mention:

1) Fukushima – still pouring 100,000 gal. of radioactive water into the Pacific every day – the technology to end the disaster does not exist.

2) How a 47 story building’s fall could be sudden, symmetrical, at free fall acceleration, and completely dismembered in 7 seconds – from office fires?

3) The heroin epidemic sweeping America and our presence in Afghanistan where 93% of the planets opium is grown?


I’ve been working for the Sanders campaign since October, buying bumper stickers, making phone calls, talking to Oregonians and FB friends around the world. Tonight Sanders wins in Indiana.

I am certain he will win in Oregon and I think if the Presidential race in the fall is between Sanders and Trump, the Democrats will win the White House in a landslide, both Houses of Congress, and we will be out of the wars within a year.

If the Democrats nominate Clinton, the wars will continue, the Presidential race in the fall will be a toss-up, and the Republicans will retain both Houses of Congress.

Seems like a no-brainer. I wish America’s democratic decisions were based on sense rather than money.

We must reverse “Citizens United”.


I take the position of the fetus: I support my mom’s decision whatever she chooses to do regarding my life.

The 2nd Amendment

The 1st 10 Amendments, The Bill of Rights, are, in my mind, as essential to our government as the Articles of the Constitution.

The 2nd Amendment sets America apart: We insist, by law, that each person is responsible for defense of self, family, community, and the United States. The Bill of Rights is sacred, if anything is sacred. Any alteration to those ten statements of the individual’s protection and responsibility, by law, will put in jeopardy the entire code of law.

Rule-of-law is what has made America free: The Bill of Rights is America and America is the Bill of Rights.

I have 3 grand children and they may have a different opinion during their day. I intend to leave this discussion and any decision of the 2nd Amendment to their generation.