2018 Campaign and 9/11

by marvinsannes

This year I plan to discuss the consequences of 9/11 without using the phrase “9/11”.

I think the phrase is intentionally used as a lightening rod to stifle thought and question.  Mention “9/11” and watch the emotional reaction.  This seminal event in America’s history is only discussed in whispers.

I intend to talk of the dying children in the many countries America conducts military operations, Afri-Com’s naming their African military sites:  “Co-operative Security Locations”,  the erosion of the Bill of Rights, our dying trees, ocean, censorship, democratic process, dialogue of all issues seems to be only allowed by media, our crumbling infrastructure, disappearing middle class,  rise of super rich, and homelessness, mental illness, suicides, addiction, fat, proliferation of force and hopelessness,  On and On and On, all results of the impact of 9/11.  The consequences of this war and when did it start, and allow the audience to guess:  9/11.

But, this video is among the best ever done and will be my last post here regarding 9/11 – until 2020, if I’m here!!