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Citizenship is a Responsibility, not an Option

Month: August, 2018

2018 Campaign and 9/11

This year I plan to discuss the consequences of 9/11 without using the phrase “9/11”.

I think the phrase is intentionally used as a lightening rod to stifle thought and question.  Mention “9/11” and watch the emotional reaction.  This seminal event in America’s history is only discussed in whispers.

I intend to talk of the dying children in the many countries America conducts military operations, Afri-Com’s naming their African military sites:  “Co-operative Security Locations”,  the erosion of the Bill of Rights, our dying trees, ocean, censorship, democratic process, dialogue of all issues seems to be only allowed by media, our crumbling infrastructure, disappearing middle class,  rise of super rich, and homelessness, mental illness, suicides, addiction, fat, proliferation of force and hopelessness,  On and On and On, all results of the impact of 9/11.  The consequences of this war and when did it start, and allow the audience to guess:  9/11.

But, this video is among the best ever done and will be my last post here regarding 9/11 – until 2020, if I’m here!!


Sannes or Sandnes ?

In 1898 my grandfather, Erick, got to Ellis Isl. and Immigration dropped the ‘d’ from his name.  In Norwegian the sound of the ‘d’ is silent.  Erick was quite proud to receive an “American” name.  At 18 he was on his way to N. Dakota to become a homesteading wheat farmer with the love of his life, Bertine Simm, a 19 yr. old  Norwegian beauty, who’d homesteaded 620 acres of bleak North Dakota prairie farmland at Westhope, the yr. before, 1897.

Bertine, emigrated to America because her father, Ole “the Swede Lap”, was part Laplander, and in Norway in the 1800’s having Laplander blood prevented Bertine from working in medicine or teaching or civil service.  Erick was the 1st born and in line to inherit one of the best farms in the Snausa area – he abandoned his princely birthright to follow his love to America.

Quite a story!!

I visited Snausa, Norge in 1995, for a worldwide family reunion.  When I visited the churchyard and my antecedents going back to the 1400’s and saw that the spelling of Sandnes began appearing on stones about 1800, I decided to change my name back to that spelling, some day!

In 2008, my 4th child, Ian, was born in Silverton, his last name is Sandnes – Ian James Sandnes.  I legally changed my name back to Sandnes in 2016 at the Marion County Court House for less than $200 over a period of a few weeks.

The City of Sandnes is the 6th largest in Norge.  In Norwegian, sand means sand, and ‘nes’ or ‘ness’  means ‘point’.  The Sandnes’s were those who lived on the points of sand, many hundreds of farming acres, at the ends of  Fjords.

The Sandnes’s of Snausa have a beautiful farm on lake Snausa, the lake stretches about 100 mi.  NE of Trondheim.  The farm has a beach on the lake with deep golden sand and a beach of several thousands of sq. ft. and the curious nature of this beach:  A few feet offshore the depth plunged to several hundreds of meters.



KATU interview questions, 8/28/18

  •  Marvin Sandnes:  73, sailor, skier, Grad of PSU, 4 kids, 4 grandkids, small business in Salem for 53 yrs., grew up in Mt. Angel and have sailed Dist. 5’s oceans, snorkeled her rivers, climbed her Mtns, picked her berries and beans, hoed her hops, active in her politics, at the Oregon Legislature.
  • I’m running to encourage dialogue about our insane military murders of innocent 3rd world people for money.
  • Vote for Marvin helps us make this statement about stopping the WAR.
  • Outspoken, fearless, articulate, well read, and intimately know this District.
  • Our trees are dying, our Ocean is dying – Cut defense spending and use those talents and resources to find solutions to the destruction of our home.
  • As a minor party candidate I can speak about these un-speakable issues – so many taboos in our public dialogue.
  • Abortion:  I don’t like Govt. involved in a mother’s decision, and I don’t like those opposed to abortion paying their taxes for abortions.   Personally, I think human life begins at conception, I don’t think that view can be impose on another.
  • No tax on food, nutrition and health are  RIGHTS, perhaps constitutional amendment is necessary.
  • No tolls on I-5 or 205.
  • Nope, Congresspeople see their responsibility as getting re-elected.  We must have term limits to ensure citizen representation in D.C. and Oregon’s Legislature.
  • Bipartisanship is a joke, we have 1 political party – a War Party.  We need wider political representation to encourage voters participate – 38% voting in Oregon is not democratic process.  Ranked Choice Voting is an excellent start.
  • Political climate:  We do not discuss the WAR, the destruction of the environment, the end of democratic process.  Why have we abdicated all discussion to media?
  • RFK, MLK, Ali, Rand Paul, Trey Gowdy, and my mother and dad – unafraid to speak out.
  • I wish someone would ask about the WAR and why we’ve murdered 3 million innocent people and have created a $21 trillion debt for our great grand children.
  • My mom when I was 6:  “Marvin, if you tell the truth, your problem will begin to get better right away.”
  • Under water in Oregon’s Ocean and rivers.
  • Oregon Ducks, unless Oregon State’s having a good year – then I’m a Beaver.
  • Why these questions do not ask about the WAR or the 7 countries the US is bombing this morning, or Afri-Com’s bases in Africa – “Cooperative Security Locations”?   We know why:  These are prohibited topics America’s media is forbidden to discuss.  Disgusting!