Sannes changed to Sandnes

by marvinsannes


I put the ‘d’ back in the name last summer.  In 95 I visited the Sandnes farm in Snausa, Norge and learned my grandfather, Erick, had the ‘d’ removed at Ellis Isl. when he came here as an 18 yr. old in 1898.  He spoke no English and was very glad to have a new American name.

I have ancestors in the Churchyard in Snausa from the 16th century.

My grandmother, Bertine, came a yr. earlier – she emigrated because, as the daughter of “Ole the Swede Lap”, she was 1/4 Laplander and could not teach, or work in medicine, or govt., etc.  – the Laplanders were Norway’s African-Americans. 

She got a section of land in N. Dakota, spend the 1st winter in a sod hut some neighbors helped her build, returned to NY in the spring to get Erick.  My grandfather was the 1st born and would have inherited the very good family farm in Snausa, he gave up his prince’s inheritance to follow his love.

What a woman!  She came here at 19.