Flight Story

by marvinsannes

Summer 2013 and I was doing aWTC7  Awareness tabling event at the Saturday Market in Salem, OR.  Guy, about 40, comes up to me and tells me this story:  “I was working on a landscape crew at Santa Clara University the day after 9/11 when all airspace was closed.  Santa Clara overlooks the San Jose Airport.  Late morning and this small jet comes over the hills with a military fighter on each wing.  The small jet sinks down to the airport and the two fighters bank out over the ocean.  Minutes later the jet lifts off and the fighters swoop in, one on each wing, the 3 jets turn out of the ocean.  Bin Ladin’s daughter was a student at San Jose State on 9/11 and that jet and escort came in to pick her up.”

I’ve always wanted to check the student records but never have.  The guy was creditable and he had a very truthful persona – I think it’s a true story.